V4 artists at International Vilnius Light festival Beepositive 2016


Project description

The project is designed to encourage cooperation in the cultural field and to present artworks of light artists from V4 countries in Lithuania. Project activities are designed in such a way, that will encourage collaboration between invited V4 artists that previously haven‘t worked together. This is our special purpose of the workshop with V4 artists and young people from the community. Bearing in mind that light art and light festivals are getting more and more popularity all arount the world and is very attractive form of art, we believe that the project will let us to present V4 artists to a significant audience in Lithuania. Futhermore, the project will promote cooperation between V4 and Lithuanian light artists, therefore we believe it is relevant to V4 dimension.

V4 artists at International Vilnius Light festival Beepositive 2016:

- Joachim Sługocki (Poland)

- Gabor Karcis (Hungary)

- Dániel Besnyő (Hungary)

- David Vbrík (Czech Republic)

Continuation of the project

Our goal is to raise the quality and expand the quantity of the festival Beepositive and to increase our experience in cooperation with foreign artists. Our aim is to showcase different foreign artists at Beepositive festival every year. At the same time we seek to create collaboration platform with other festivals and light artists in the region.

Having in mind that increasing number of light festivals are organized in V4 region, after completion of this project next year Beepart will again look for opportunities to present V4 artists at the festival and to cooperate with other light festival organizers for co-production of light art objects. We believe that implementation of this project will help us to make more useful contacts with light festival organizers and artists in V4 region.