International Light Festival Beepositive is community festival – all the activities are organized by the local community and it is non-profit festival, which makes the organizational process more challinging. Without local people's, sponsors, partners and project fund support we could not prepare any light installation and invite artists. This is very important. That is why we are inviting you to support our idea to bring the light in the Vilnius city, especially, in its darkest time – autumn.

That you can do by many ways – supporting the festival by donating money, materials, gifts for competition winners, artists, places for accommodating participants, transport services and information resources, by organizing or supporting creative workshops or other activities, and of course, by illuminating your office building or district!

In the return you will receive the public appreciation and visibility – around 30 000 people are visiting the festival, it is advertised on one of the main internet media, radio, TV and newspapers, as well as on festival's website, festival's and partners' social media accounts.

For more information, please, contact Andrius Ciplijauskas,